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Our Shamrock Jack Russell Puppies In Their New Homes

Irish Jack Russell - Jake

Jake & Family

English Jack Russell - Jack

Alyssa and Jack

Jack Russell Terrier - Max and Darby

Max and Darby

JRT - Rowdy and Pebbles

Rowdy and Pebbles

Jack Russell - Max


Irish Jack Russell - Milo


Irish Jack Russell - Ollie


Irish Jack Russell - Riley


Irish Jack Russells Playing

Maddy & Finn

Irish Jack Russell - Ronan

Ronan 5 months

Irish Jack Russell - Rowdy

Rowdy in Texas

Jack Russell Terrier - Little Jack

Little Jack

English Jack Russell Terriers in CT

3 dinosaurs in Ct

JRT"s in a pen

A puppy pen 07

An adored Shorty Jack

A Vermont mom and her
adored little girl

  A napping Jack Russell

An afternoon nap 07

an office nap june 07.jpg (11203 bytes)

An office nap june 07

Another much loved Shamrock Jack in NH.jpg (7655 bytes)

Another much loved Shamrock Jack in NH

DSCN1702.jpg (6314 bytes)

Buster In San Francisco

DSCN1711.jpg (5984 bytes)

Buster in the hands of
a beautiful lady

 DSCN1712.jpg (7046 bytes)

Russell are you taking another picture of Russell

Enjoying the snow in NH.jpg (5398 bytes)

Enjoying the snow in NH

Ernie and Friend im Maine.jpg (10118 bytes)

Ernie and Friend in Maine

Four Irish Beauties in NH.jpg (8651 bytes)

Four Irish Beauties in NH

Ghillie in Ca.jpg (13619 bytes)

Ghillie in Ca

Happy Jacks in Vermont.jpg (12756 bytes)

Happy Jacks in Vermont

IMG_1632.jpg (11220 bytes)

Helping Mon put away Groceries in MA.

IMG_1633.jpg (10689 bytes)

The newest and best stress reliever for a Police Officer

Jack the lad in Chicago.jpg (6642 bytes)

Jack the lad in Chicago

jacob and marina bedtime june 07.jpg (12859 bytes)

Jacob and marina bedtime June 07

Nolan and his two Shamrock Pals getting ready to celebrate St Paddy's day.jpg (12778 bytes)

Nolan and his two Shamrock Pals getting ready to celebrate St Paddy's day

One Happy Family in Ma.jpg (12508 bytes)

One Happy Family in Ma

Ruby enjoying quiet time.jpg (9954 bytes)

Ruby enjoying quiet time

Rupert in Ca.jpg (11184 bytes)

Rupert in Ca

Shamrock's Irish Jack Murphy in NY.jpg (9793 bytes)

Shamrock's Irish Jack Murphy in NY

Shamrock's L'Millie  enjoying Maine.jpg (10743 bytes)

Shamrock's L'Millie enjoying Maine

Topper enjoying a chew.jpg (6087 bytes)

Topper enjoying a chew

Topper in his new home in Ct.jpg (5929 bytes)

Topper in his new home in Ct

Two Shamrock Jacks in Chicago.jpg (12926 bytes)

Two Shamrock Jacks in Chicago

Jack Russell Puppies

Jack Russell Puppies

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