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  History Of The English Jack Russell In Ireland

The Jack Russell terrier was developed in the 1800's in Devonshire England by Parson John Russell, {1797 - 1883}, known as Jack by his friends, who besides his church duties also enjoyed the fox hunt and was a great fancier of the terrier. There was no shortage of terriers as most terriers were developed in England and very popular during that time. As the terriers were used to go to ground after quarry, none seemed to fully satisfy the Parson. Some were too big, too long in the leg and not built suitable to maneuver underground {in a hole}, some were dog aggressive and at the same time not having enough metal in the den to get the job done. He set out to develop a terrier that possessed only the desirable traits that he found in some of the other terriers, at that time he had acquired a terrier from a milkman named Trump, which he became very fond. Popular belief has it that she {Trump} was used in the foundation of his breeding program to produce what we know now as the English Jack Russell.

A short while later these little dogs of renown were making a name for themselves and caught the eye of terrier fanciers in Ireland. They found them to be of desired size, conformation to go to ground, having superior intelligence, gameness, hardiness, exceptional working ability and a perfect temperament. They soon became a favorite of the terrier man and his family as they also doubled as a family member that could be trusted with their children, their friends and as well as other animals. Moreover, could have complete freedom out around the farmyard, which they kept free from vermin at which the little jack is an expert. Come nighttime though more than one found their way down under the old feathered tick {comforter} on the bed and kept someone's feet warm which was much better than a hot water bottle that has never been improved on.

The Jack Russell became a prized possession in terrier circles in Ireland. Breeders were judged by what they produced, those that survived as breeders were trusted tried and true. As a result, the breed is as close as possible to Jack Russell's standards to the present day. However, over the years the gene pool in Ireland has decreased as fewer people have the dedication to continue the formula as set forth by the dedicated breeders. As the fame of the Irish bred Jack Russell spread abroad, creating a lucrative market in Ireland. People who knew nothing about these dogs got into the breeding business using anything that resembled a Jack Russell terrier as well as mongrels, Chihuahuas etc. Then advertised in the classified where they are snatched up for brokers to be shipped overseas, many coming to America where they are sold as genuine Irish Jack Russells. The genuine breeders do not sell to brokers as their only interest is in preserving the breed, not creating puppy farms.

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